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Are you in need for debt help in Canada? At Consumer Debt Consulting we provide clients with a stress free way of rebuilding or clearing debt. We have many options available and are always available to help. Contact us today!

Debt Relief That Works

The debt relief services offered by Consumer Debt Consulting are the answer to problems that many people find themselves facing. The debt relief services provided come in different forms; some of them being debt management plans and others credit counselling programs where you can learn how to manage your debts better. The costs you will end up paying when falling into debt can be substantial and it is more than likely that these interest rates are much higher as compared to regular lending institutions. The good thing about Consumer Debt Consulting financial experts is that they understand the importance of budgeting in your life, which means you do not have to worry about anything since all their financial services offered ensure greater convenience for our clients.

Is there a difference between credit counselling and debt help in Canada?

There is a big difference between credit counselling and debt help in Canada, and it all boils down to the level of advice and support that you receive. Credit counselling is typically offered by non-profit organizations, and the goal is to help you manage your debts in an effective and sustainable way. Debt help, on the other hand, is typically offered by private businesses. They are contracted by creditors to help people reduce their debt levels and improve their credit score.

The main difference between the two is that credit counselling will provide you with advice and resources to help you manage your debts, while debt help will provide you with a Debt Reduction Plan (DRP) that creditors will be required to adhere to if you want to reduce your debt levels. The DRP will typically include terms such as reducing your monthly payments, increasing your term length, or refinancing your debt.

Professional Debt Help in Canada

If you’re seeking a way to manage your debts and get proper help and care then Consumer Debt Consulting is the way to go. Consumer Debt Consulting is a reputed firm with years of experience, proven expertise and made for you (among other things) to help manage your debts. Our business model is based on providing best-in-class service and value, making us the ONLY choice when you look for Debt Help in Canada .

Consumer Debt Counseling agency typically offers debt management programs and counseling services which focus on helping those who are under a lot of financial strain. Here are some examples: One time credit cards payments plan – This kind of payment arrangement allows to pay minimum monthly amounts.


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