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    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting for Edmonton
  • Manitoba

    Consumer Debt Consulting

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  • Manitoba

    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting Edmonton
  • Manitoba

    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting in Edmonton

Manitoba Debt Consolidation

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Consumer Proposal

There are many reasons why more Canadian are choosing the route of a consumer proposal. If you are in a situation where you can only pay a portion of your debts and need more time than what is offered by your creditors. Canadians choose consumer proposals if they want to stop all interest charges, wage garnishments, and threats of legal action against them. With consumer proposals, your assets are safe, and never have to worry about giving up your house or your other belongings to pay off your debt. You should consider filing a consumer proposal if your debt is greater than $15,000 but less than $250,000.

Debt Management Program

The Debt Management Program helps Canadians consolidate their debt by not going further into debt. The program has a high success rate with credit card debts, bank loans, and collection agencies. This program helps consolidate your bills and debts in an affordable monthly payment. You will no longer have to worry about being harassed by collection agencies as Consumer Debt Consulting acts as the middle man and negotiates on your behalf. Creditors will agree to wave most or all your interest leading to thousands in saving and helping you pay your debt faster as your payments go towards the principal amount.

Debt Settlement Program

Many Canadians turn towards the Debt Settlement Program when their debt becomes unmanageable to avoid bankruptcy. The final settlement amount varies on your creditor and how much of the final settlement amount they are willing to accept. Debt collectors understand that for many people who are dealing with significant debt bankruptcy is a very real option and if the debtor declares bankruptcy then in most cases the collectors are left with nothing. This process works and the debtor is only paying a percentage of the total debt owed as a final settlement amount. Debt settlement is a very real option to relieve debt.

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