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    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting for Edmonton
  • Ontario

    Consumer Debt Consulting

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  • Ontario

    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting Edmonton
  • Ontario

    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting in Edmonton

Ontario Debt Consolidation

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Consumer Proposals

We are seeing more Canadian go the route of a consumer proposal as both debtors and creditors agree it is a better solution. When you file a consumer proposal you are required to pay a portion of the debt owed without having to give up any of your assets. Creditors agree to consumer proposals as they will get a larger amount of debt owed over other debt-relief options like bankruptcy. Consumer proposals are for individuals with debt between $15,000 and $250,000.

Debt Management

Being in significant debt cause many hardships for Canadian individuals and families. Consumer Debt Consulting understands what you may be going through and will work with you to get rid of your debt. The Debt Management Program is a voluntary arrangement made between the creditors and debtors to pay back what is owed by preventing the debtor to go further into debt through raised interest rates, or late fees. Consumer Debt Consulting is there for you to listen and lend a helping hand through the process.

Debt Settlement Program

With the Debt Settlement Program, one works with creditors to pay off a percentage of what is owed. Canadians turn to debt settlement for many reasons and want to avoid intense pressure from collection agencies, rash collection techniques, calls at home or work, and threats of legal action. Debt collectors understand that if you file for bankruptcy in most cases, they will receive no payment so for some debt settlement is the ideal choice.

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