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    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting for Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan

    Consumer Debt Consulting

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  • Saskatchewan

    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan

    Consumer Debt Consulting

    consumer debt consulting in Edmonton

Saskatchewan Debt Consolidation

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Consumer Proposal

Canadian file consumer proposals if their debt is between $15,000 and $250,000. When you file a consumer proposal you will stop all interest charges from the date the proposal is filed. You will then negotiate to repay a portion of the total debt. Your debts will be repaid in equal monthly payments over three to five years. By filing for a consumer proposal, you will no longer have to deal with calls from creditors and stop all wage garnishments. You will be able to pay off all unsecured debts like credit cards, lines of credit, payday loans, and taxes. Your assets like your home and car are safe and you never have to worry about losing them. There will never be any additional costs or fees added to your monthly payments.

Debt Management Program

With a Debt Management Program, you can consolidate all your bills and outstanding debt into one monthly payment. You can save thousands in interest as most creditors will agree to wave most or all your interest. With the Debt Management Program, you pay back the money you owe by not going further into debt through raised interest rates, late fees in a voluntary arrangement made with your creditors. This is beneficial as most of your payments go towards the principal amount and help pay off your debt faster. This program has been successful for debtors in paying off credit cards and bank loans.

Debt Settlement Program

With a debt settlement plan, you make monthly payments in a trust account to Consumer Debt Consulting Corp. according to your budget. The idea with a debt settlement plan is to make a lump-sum offer to your creditors one by one by letting money build in the trust fund. Your unsecured debt can be reduced by 20% to 80% with a debt settlement program. This is determined by the age of the debt owed and how badly the creditor wants to be paid.

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